why bichromate ?

design structure

Auto-Generated Page Object Model(POM)Test Pages

Bichromate integrates Java properties files into the POM Design. Create the POM properties file and Bichromate generates the page class. Repetative method creation is removed.

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TestNG Framework

If you can write TestNG tests, you know how to use Bichromate. Bichromate marries Selenium and TestNG into one data driven, POM designed testing framework.

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Selenium Web Driver

Bichromate encapsulates Selenium so you are always working with the same web driver instance. Bichromate hides where the web drive was created.

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Data Driven Tests

Thru TestNG's data provider, pass each test the OS, OS version, browser, browser version, and where the test should run (local,proxy,browserStack,sauceLabs), and with one call, Bichromate generates the web driver.

Bichromate Web Driver Factory

The heart of all TestNG tests. Extend Bichromate's Web Driver Factory, Include all the POM files within the extended web driver, and all the Bichromate factories and POM's are a simple call away

Bichromate is Mavenized

Bichromate keeps all dependencies current with maven. Apache Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool.

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