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Java Testing Framework integrated with TestNG using Selenium , Appium and Winium web drivers

Explore Bichromate's Capabilities

Page Object Model Generator

Most important feature of Bichromate, the auto generated POM files. Simply define your page objects in a properties file and Bichromate turns them into POM to be used with your TestNG tests.

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Simple Cron Executor

While developing TestNG tests, use the built in simple cron executor to run tests from your own PC. Verify tests are working before moving tests to Jenkins, or Bamboo.

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Integrated Reports

Bichromate includes a History report of all the TestNG tests. When the test was first run, last run, and % passed.

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Extend Reports

Bichromate includes auto generation of Anshoo Arora's Extend Reports.

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Saucelab Connections

Easily scale to speed up test cycles and boost capacity without the hassle of managing your own infrastructure.

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Browserstack Connections

Instant access to all real mobile and desktop browsers. Say goodbye to your lab of devices and virtual machines.

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Bichromate Log Access

No other testing framework gives you access to application logs during test execution.

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Bichromate DB Access

Bichromate easily integrates with Data Bases like mySQL,Oracle, and postgres.

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Bichromate Factories

Custmized factories supporting Selenium web driver, slack & HipChat, FTP, HTTP, Hilite Element, scroll Elements, Password encryption, read & write XLS.

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Winium Web Driver

Now automate Windows Appliations using the same framework for automating Web Applications. Bichromate integrates with Winium web driver.

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